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What Is Medicapp?

Medicapp is a digital healthcare aggregator platform to help digitise the nearby healthcare products and service providers, so patients can find availability of all the products and services in the nearby marketplace and purchase to get their products and services delivered to their doorstep. The idea aims to incentivise the patients and reduce their growing healthcare costs through massive discounts, offers as we are providing a platform that can channelise the marketing costs of pharma and healthcare industry to patient discounting to curb the growing healthcare costs. We at Medicapp, are building a platform which can digitise the medical test and scan reports into mobile readable format and visualise the medical images most precisely from all angles for the doctor and patient to save the time, efforts and costs on physical reports which will also help us to go green by saving papers and so the trees.

Our Services

Search & find availability of products and services in the nearby healthcare marketplace and order to deliver at the doorstep.

Interoperable access & transmission of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) which includes digital prescriptions and digital test and scan reports.

Avoid crowdings, hassles, tussles in queues of clinics, hospitals or labs and save time by tokenisation of appointments serial-wise with the Expected Time of Arrival or ETA and Exact Waiting Time or EWT through a robust queue management system.

Secured storage and interoperable access of EMR through ABHA repository of the Government of India with end-to-end encryption of healthcare data in transit to ensure strict data privacy and protection.

App Features

Book Walk-in Appointments

Search & find your doctors available for booking a walk-in appointment for a physical diagnosis from your nearby or distant places. Your doctor is now just a tap away for a rich and hassle-free experience of availing healthcare services.

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Search & find your preferred distant or nearby doctors and teleconsult with them from different places across the nation.Your telemedicine services are just a click away.We promise to provide a seamless experience of availing quality healthcare anytime & anywhere.

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Search & find the availibility of any healthcare or medical products in the nearby pharma retail stores so you don't need to physically visit & enquire for availability of a particular product or service from one shop to the other and get your order delivered right at the doorstep.

Queue Management System

No more long waiting in clinics and no more compromise of serial numbers with the patients requesting you to get-in before you. Patients are provided with their Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) after booking an appointment and onboarded through location check-in with the Exact Waiting Time (EWT) in the doctor's chamber which will save time of both the patient and the doctor and maintain an ordered queue to avoid crowding.

EMR Vault

Access all your medical test & scan reports online to avoid use of papers & films which will not only save the extra expenses of patients but also reduce the use of papers and plastics. All user data are end-to-end encrypted in the vault so as to maintain data privacy and security for a seamless experience of storage, access & transmission of data among the patient and the doctor only.

Book Lab Tests & Scans

Search and find your nearby labs, select your preferred tests & book your appointment for the tests and get your reports uploaded to your dashboard at a maximum of 3/4th of the current test price. You don't need to carry your reports now, while we have them covered in our secured cloud. You can now privately access & share your reports with doctors too easily.

Search Availability

Search the availability of any healthcare products & services in your nearby healthcare marketplace. Avoid rushing to search the availability of any product from one shop to the other even in the urgent hour, now find the right shop nearby to buy your medical product or service.

Door-Step Delivery

Order any product and service and get them delivered right to the patient's doorsteps. No more hassle if you can't find it online, you order and we deliver them in an express speed before time, usually within 2 to 3 days.

Free Follow-ups

Physical visits for follow-ups are no more mandatory so you can choose a free follow-up chat either. Medicapp provides free follow-up conversation via chat with the doctor upto 7 days of unlimited conversations from the date of appointment booking for every walk-in appointments or teleconsultations booked.

User Benefits

One tap availability search of doctors, clinics, medicines or any healthcare products.

Ordered queues in doctor chambers with expected time of arrival (ETA) & exact waiting time (EWT) and patients are checked-in & onboarded through tokenisation of serial number.

One-tap teleconsultation with doctors from any location across the nation.

Online medicine purchase and delivery across the nation, be it nearby or distant.

Online appointment booking for tests & scans and online report delivery to reduce the costs of tests.

Secured access & transmission of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) among the patient and the concerned doctor, through a 256-bit end-to-end encryption in transit.

Reduced healthcare costs with massive discounting and offers.

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