Frequently Asked Questions

Medicapp is an online appointment booking and medicine order & delivery platform which aims to interconnect patients with nearby or distant healthcare providers and marketplace. Medicapp is building its way to provide improved healthcare infrastructure and quality through its robust solutions to ease the process of availing healthcare by patients. Our users’ trust and support will definitely help us become one of the leading healthcare service providers across the nation in the coming future.

Medicapp offers both walk-in appointments and online consultations through its easy-to-use UI. Patients can analyze the best suited doctors through the reviews & ratings and book their appointments or consultations online. Medicapp saves the time of its users in the clinic by providing them with Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) and Exact Waiting Time (EWT) so they know when to arrive and how much to wait and manage their time accordingly. Our Queue Management System helps patients maintain an organized and well-managed queue to avoid crowding in clinics. With Medicapp, users can find availability of a particular product or medicine in the nearby healthcare marketplace without having to search from one shop to the other, thus saving time and efforts of its users.

Our features include:
● Appointment Booking (With complementary chat option)
● Online consultations (Audio/Video/Chat)
● Queue Management System
● Pill Reminders
● Online medicine order & delivery.
● Reviews & Ratings.

Medicapp has a vision to transform the way healthcare is delivered through its technological solutions that can make healthcare both accessible and affordable for almost everyone of the society with or without a smartphone. Medicapp is building its way to safeguard all sensitive health information of its users by introducing blockchain with end-to-end encryption and stringent data security tools so user data integrity will always be upholded. Medicapp is making every possible effort to curb growing healthcare costs through its market optimization tools that can optimize healthcare costs on growing demands. Your support and trust on us will definitely help us achieve our goal of making healthcare even more affordable than now for every section of the society and make healthcare accessible even to the most remote areas.

No. Initially we do not recommend you to store, access and transmit Electronic Health Records (EHR) like digital prescriptions or digital test and scan reports. We are working day and night to build a super-secure end-to-end encrypted vault for our users to store, access and transmit EHR. We shall instantly notify you if we make this feature live.

Our platform has ensured enough data security and encryption methods and rules to protect integrity of user data like Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, DOB, Gender, Age, Blood group, Symptoms etc. Be assured we shall never compromise the secrecy of your personal information. No one including Medicapp employees but Medicapp will have access to your personal data. Medicapp may use your personal data for improvement of your user experience in accordance with its Privacy Policy or as such.
Find Privacy Policy here at www.medicapp.in/privacy

Yes. Medicapp is built in compliance with MCI guidelines for healthcare providers and also complies with data protection laws and guidelines.
We are even very much aware of european healthcare laws like HIPAA, HI-TECH and HI-TRUST and making our best efforts to come up as a HIPAA-compliant, HI-TECH-compliant and HI-TRUST compliant healthcare service providers soon. We are developing our products in compliance with HL7 guidelines. Thus you can always be assured that Medicapp is making its best efforts to serve its users with quality and security assurance.

Yes. You can always cancel your order or booking. But cancelling after 15 minutes of placing an order or booking an appointment, a cancellation fee will be levied. Your service fee is always non-refundable and no claim for full refund will be settled. Full refund is initiated only when the order or booking is rejected. You must always be aware that you should place your order or booking only if confirmed so as to value your time as well as Medicapp & its associates.

Orders placed from the nearby marketplace within 8 kms will be delivered within 30 to 40 minutes usually. But orders placed from sellers beyond 8 kms will be delivered within 1-2 working days. And orders placed from other states or cities will be delivered within 3-4 working days.

Users can directly send us their queries or issues under 'Contact Us' tab of the account menu to get them resolved at earliest.

Medicapp charges a nominal service fee for each appointment or orders placed. Patients have the option to pay online which also includes Pay Later and pay cash at chamber or on delivery of orders.

In every completed appointment bookings or orders, you can click on the appointment detail or order detail page to rate your availed products or services.